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Alien Magic

Alien Magic | 5 Coloured Snow Foam Kit 1 Litre

Alien Magic | 5 Coloured Snow Foam Kit 1 Litre

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Experience superior cleaning with Alien Magic's 5 Coloured Snow Foam Kit, including 5 one-litre bottles of our unique no-touch foam formula. The hyper-surfactants and premium super polymers create a thick foam that clings to your vehicle like a fluffy cloud. This foam encapsulates dirt, salt, road debris, and fresh contaminants, while lubricating the surface for a scratch-free wash. Our biodegradable formula has an unbelievable dilution rate, creating a rich and stable foam that removes traffic film, dirt, and salt with ease. Never worry about residue, as our formula safely carries contaminants off your vehicle, leaving a pristine finish. Perfect for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

The RRP of these if purchased seperatley is £99.75


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