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Alien Magic

Alien Magic | OPTI 1 Headlight Restorer 80g

Alien Magic | OPTI 1 Headlight Restorer 80g

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Over time, headlights can lose their pristine clarity, succumbing to hazy appearances and acquiring an unsightly yellowish tint due to prolonged exposure to UV rays and the influence of halogen bulbs. Rectifying this issue can be a costly endeavor, with replacement often proving even more expensive.

Alien Magic OPTI 1 PRO Headlamp Restorer presents an effective solution, eradicating scratches, haze, cloudiness, discoloration, and yellowing from headlamps, tail lights, and fog lights. The paste-based formula not only renews headlight aesthetics to a like-new state, but it also imparts enduring protection. This restoration can be executed manually or with the assistance of a machine polisher.

Key Advantages:

  • Revives foggy and yellowed headlights, restoring crystal-clear clarity.
  • Eliminates scratches and cloudiness from headlights, tail lights, and fog lamps.
  • Provides long-lasting safeguarding.
  • User-friendly application process.
  • Applicable via hand or machine polisher.

Car Care Advice:

Headlight restoration via outsourcing can incur significant costs, making Alien Magic OPTI 1 headlight restorer an invaluable asset in saving hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds.

Usage Guidelines:

Hand Polishing:

  1. Ensure the surface is clean and degreased, utilizing Prep Pro for an impeccable foundation.
  2. Apply the paste with a clean sponge, applicator, or microfiber cloth, working until the cloudy haze dissipates.
  3. Employ Prep Pro to eliminate any residue.
  4. Utilize a fresh microfiber cloth to achieve full clarity through buffing.

Machine Polishing:

  1. Shield painted areas around the headlight using painter's tape.
  2. Address notable defects on heavily worn lamps by employing 2000 – 3000 grit wet sandpaper.
  3. Apply a modest quantity of polish to the foam pad before applying it to the affected region.
  4. Initiate polishing at a low speed, gradually escalating to a maximum of speed 4.
  5. Continue polishing until the haze vanishes and clarity is restored.
  6. Rely on Prep Pro to remove residual polish.
  7. Employ a clean microfiber cloth to buff the surface to full clarity.
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