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Alien Magic

Alien Magic | THOR Sprayabale Graphene Ceramic Coating 50ml

Alien Magic | THOR Sprayabale Graphene Ceramic Coating 50ml

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THOR is a revolutionary Sprayable Graphene Ceramic Coating that is incredibly simple to apply (spray on and wipe off). It is designed to be the premier solution for protecting your car's paintwork and wheels, offering unmatched chemical and scratch resistance. By bonding to the molecular level, THOR creates a shield against harsh road conditions, keeping your paintwork and wheels clean and shiny with minimal effort.

This product offers multiple benefits, including easy application and removal, enhanced colour depth with a mirror shine, and a super hydrophobic barrier that repels contaminants upon contact. It is also highly resistant to UV rays and chemicals, and suitable for use on various surfaces such as paint, wrap, wheels, lights, plastic trim, and carbon fibre. It takes only 1 hour to air dry and 12 hours to fully cure, and a second coat can be applied after 2 hours for maximum durability. With a 50ml bottle, this product can coat 2-3 cars with a single coat, and it can even be applied over an existing ceramic or graphene coating.

The technical specifications include a 10-hour hardness, chemical resistance of pH 2-13, a water contact angle of 120º, and a thickness of 4 microns. This advanced ceramic coating can provide durability for up to 24 months and can be layered for even longer protection. Applying a second coat can extend the durability up to 36 months.



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