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Autobrite Direct

Autobrite Direct | Enhance Polish & Pre Wax Cleanser 500ml

Autobrite Direct | Enhance Polish & Pre Wax Cleanser 500ml

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Autobrite Direct Enhance is a breakthrough formula intended to enhance the appearance of vehicles by providing an immediate and stunning shine. Developed for quick detailing and touch-ups, Enhance offers a versatile solution for amplifying gloss, depth, and vibrancy on various surfaces. This product is ideal for car experts who seek to effortlessly revitalise their vehicle's appearance between thorough washes and detailing sessions. With Enhance, they have found the perfect balance of convenience and performance. This innovative formula not only imparts a dazzling shine, but also creates a protective barrier against water, dust, and contaminants. Its easy application makes it suitable for use on paint, glass, chrome, and plastics, guaranteeing a uniform and brilliant finish all over the vehicle. Whether used after a wash or as a quick touch-up before a car show, Enhance embodies a commitment to developing products that excel in both form and function. It provides a solution for those wanting a rapid method to achieve a showroom-worthy look without compromising quality.
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