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Cartec | Green Orbital Pad

Cartec | Green Orbital Pad

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Green Pad

Cartec's Green Compounding Pad proves to be the perfect companion for our Diamond Cut 3000 Compound. Crafted from innovative Open Structured Foam, this Green Compounding Pad effectively retains the compound, minimising product usage, reducing mess, and streamlining the task for a more efficient and quicker result.

For your convenience, here's a guide to pad sizes and compatible machines:

  • 80mm Rotary: Suitable for AC Delco Mini Polisher and Flex PE 8-4 80.
  • 150mm Rotary: Compatible with Cartec Rotary Polisher and Flex PE14-2 125.
  • 45mm Orbital: Designed for Flex PXE-80, Rupes iBrid Nano, and Liquid Elements A1000.
  • 70mm Orbital: Ideal for Rupes iBrid Nano.
  • 100mm Orbital: Fits Flex PXE80, Rupes LHR75, AC Delco Mini Polisher, and Flex XFE 7-12 80.
  • 150mm Orbital: Appropriate for Cartec Orbi, Flex XFE 7-15 125, Rupes LHR15 Bigfoot MkIII, and DAS6 Pro.
  • 180mm Orbital: Compatible with Flex XFE 7-15 150 and Rupes LHR21 Bigfoot MkIII.


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