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Dodo Juice

Dodo Juice | Dullicious Matt Finish Detailing Spray 500ml

Dodo Juice | Dullicious Matt Finish Detailing Spray 500ml

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The majority of quick detailers available on the market are primarily designed to enhance gloss. This is essentially the reason they were invented and why consumers purchase them.

However, this becomes a less-than-ideal scenario if you own a vehicle with a matte (or matte) finish, whether it's a painted or vinyl-wrapped surface in subdued tones chosen for stylistic reasons.

Surprisingly, even some products explicitly designed for matte cars end up imparting gloss, leaving behind a satin-like sheen. Clearly, this defeats the purpose.

What you truly need is a product that not only cleans but also maintains the matte finish, leaving absolutely no residue and allowing your frosted effect to shine in all its glory. Try explaining that concept after a few tequilas!

Hence, Dodo Juice introduce Born to be Mild, a residue-free shampoo within their product range that caters to both gloss and matte finishes. Following its use, as you can bypass the steps of clay bar treatment and polishing, they introduce a detailing spray for ongoing maintenance and the removal of minor imperfections and marks: Dodo Juice Dullicious.

This mild solvent-based formula effectively eliminates fingerprints, greasy residues, and minor contaminants like tar spots and insect debris. After it flashes off, it leaves behind the original finish—no oils, no wax, no sealant, and absolutely no residue.

Now, you might wonder how to safeguard your matte finish once it's been meticulously detailed and is looking as fresh as the day it was frosted. There are two options to consider. Firstly, you can choose to leave the finish as is, given that matte finishes are inherently less susceptible to further dulling. They're intentionally designed to have a microscopic roughness that achieves their distinctive visual effect. You can't introduce gloss or smoothness or make them more effortless to clean because they're meant to maintain their unique texture. Alternatively, the second option involves opting for a nano sealant of some sort. These products possess particle sizes small enough to add only MINIMAL gloss. However, even these may introduce a subtle satin sheen, as they've observed in their product range. If you decide to go this route, we'd recommend Future Armour, but please be aware of the slight increase in gloss it may bring about.

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