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Dodo Juice

Dodo Juice | Lime Prime 500ml Fine Cut Prep Polish

Dodo Juice | Lime Prime 500ml Fine Cut Prep Polish

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Prepare your car's paint for wax or sealant with Dodo Juice Lime Prime Fine Cut Prep Polish. It uses diminishing abrasives to delicately polish the paint without, causing damage to modern clearcoats. Boasting a pleasant lime scent, it is suitable for cars with medium to hard finishes. For softer painted cars use Critical Finish instead. Furthermore, it has been awarded Detailing World Polish Product of the Year. This polish helps enhance the finish with glaze oils, removes dirt, watermarks, and can help reduce light swirl marks. If looking to maximize the longevity of wax or sealant, use a panel wipe or solvent to clean the paint first. Nano-ceramic sealants require bare paintwork for adhesion.
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