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Infinity Wax

Infinity wax | Dark Glaze

Infinity wax | Dark Glaze

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Infinity Wax Dark Glaze is a gentle polish that contains powerful gloss-enhancing polymers and a pigmented levelling agent that is highly effective on dark-coloured paint. This water-based polish does not contain oils, harsh solvents, or added powders and chalks, ensuring that your plastic trim and rubbers will not be left with any unsightly white marks. Its modern formula allows for easy hand or machine application and effortless removal of residue. This product will never smear or create difficulties during removal, and it even cures quickly, making it easy to buff off in just seconds.

Glaze is the perfect solution for enhancing the appearance of dark coloured cars without having to use a machine polisher. It effectively fills in paintwork imperfections and has a chemical cleansing effect that eliminates light surface contaminants like tar spots and certain types of embedded impurities. The result is an exceptionally smooth surface with enhanced gloss, depth, and shine from the incorporated polymers.

To achieve optimal results, Dark Glaze should be applied to a clean and dry vehicle, following a chemical decontamination process. Enhance the appearance of the vehicle by applying Dark Glaze, and then seal in the results with a wax or sealant.

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