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Nasiol | Cabin Shine

Nasiol | Cabin Shine

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• Revitalises the interior plastic, rubber, and vinyl components of your vehicle.

• Acts as a dust and dirt repellent, helping to maintain a clean appearance.

• Enhances the visual appeal of your automobile's interior, preserving a newer look.

• Prolongs the lifespan of interior vehicle components.

Nasiol CabinShine provides vital protection to interior plastic materials against the damaging effects of sunlight, preventing premature aging and discoloration.

Components such as the dashboard, glove box, console, and door handles are particularly susceptible to dust, aging, and fading. To safeguard these interior plastic, rubber, and vinyl parts from deterioration, it is crucial to shield them with a specially formulated solution like Nasiol CabinShine. For optimal results, we recommend using Nasiol CabinShine after thoroughly cleaning the surfaces with Nasiol APC Pro.

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