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Nasiol | Cleanion Pro High Foaming Car Shampoo 500g

Nasiol | Cleanion Pro High Foaming Car Shampoo 500g

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What Makes Cleanion Pro Stand Out?

• A professional car wash shampoo designed to eliminate dirt and grime using a secure coating formula. • Safe for application on surfaces previously treated with sealants, wax, and ceramic coatings. • Enriched with a high foam content and designed for easy rinsing. • Ensures a heightened level of gloss for your vehicle. • Infused with a refreshing citrus fragrance.

Experience cleaning like never before with Cleanion Pro and its advanced formula. This new-generation professional formula creates an incredibly thick, high-slick foam that revolutionizes your cleaning process. The formula adheres powerfully to your vehicle's surface, effortlessly slicing through dirt and grime.

Crafted as an ideal aftercare shampoo, Cleanion Pro's new formula works by loosening the connection between the surface and dirt particles. This results in easy cleaning while minimizing surface abrasion, especially useful for tackling stubborn grime. The formulation has been specifically engineered to complement Nasiol Nano Coatings. The cutting-edge technology in this innovative solution enhances coating durability, promotes the flexibility of ceramic coatings, and magnifies glossiness.

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