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Nasiol | TEM APC PRO

Nasiol | TEM APC PRO

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Why Choose TEM APC Pro? • Effortlessly removes stubborn stains. • Leaves no chemical residue after cleaning. • Free from harmful, toxic chemicals. • Requires a 1:45 dilution ratio.

Nasiol TEM APC Pro is a potent interior cleaner meticulously designed to obliterate dirt and stains from various surfaces within your vehicle, including car seats, flooring, plastic components, and the interior roof.

When faced with stubborn stains that defy removal with traditional soap and water, you need a solution that possesses the strength to eliminate these blemishes without causing harm to the surface or its surroundings.

Whether it's your car's flooring, seats, or the interior roof, Nasiol TEM APC Pro is your go-to product for eradicating persistent stains effectively, without the necessity for additional cleaning equipment.

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