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Soft99 | Hanneri Wax

Soft99 | Hanneri Wax

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Soft99 Hanneri is a venerable classic in the waxing world - it has been around for over 50 years and was one of the first products to carry the Soft99 brand. This soft wax features a low-abrasive formulation which was originally designed to protect vintage acrylic paint finishes. However, it is a versatile wax and in one step it can clean, remove minor oxidation, add gloss, and protect from damaging elements. It's an ideal choice for those with classic cars with original acrylic paint jobs. Application Tips: Do not wax large sections of the car; wax panel by panel. Start by hand-washing with a pH-neutral shampoo and drying the car. Then, decontaminate the surface with a clay bar, cleaner, or similar product. Using gentle pressure, spread a thin and even layer of wax onto the paintwork in a cross-motion. Allow the wax to bind with the paintwork for 5-8 minutes (higher temperatures require shorter time). Remove the residue with
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