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Valet Pro

ValetPRO | Caravan Wash & Shine

ValetPRO | Caravan Wash & Shine

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Caravan Wash & Shine


This product uses waterless cleaning technology to clean and protect your caravan without the hassle of a hose. ValetPRO Caravan Wash & Shine is designed for fast removal of light dirt and water spots, and provides high-quality Carnauba wax protection that is safe on paintwork, plastics, gel coats and fibreglass. Easy to apply and leaves a high-gloss finish. To use: 1) Rinse off any heavy soil. 2) Spray onto one section of the vehicle. 3) Wipe off with a buffing towel. 4) Repeat steps 2 and 3 on each section of the vehicle. Shake well before use. Can be used on either wet or dry surfaces.


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