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Alien Magic

Alien Magic | Bike Ceramic Detailer 500ml

Alien Magic | Bike Ceramic Detailer 500ml

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Bike Ceramic Detailer from Alien Magic is a convenient and effective solution for maintaining the appearance of your bike's surfaces. Here's a breakdown of the key features and directions for use as provided in your description:


  1. Quick Detailing Spray: The Ceramic Detailer is designed to provide a quick and easy way to enhance the gloss of your bike's surfaces.
  2. Water Beading: It offers exceptional water beading properties, even on surfaces that were previously unprotected.
  3. Top-Up Protection: This product can be used to top up existing ceramic protection, helping to extend the lifespan of your bike's ceramic coating.
  4. Easy Application: The product is designed to be user-friendly and simple to use.
  5. Environmentally Friendly: The formula is water-based and does not contain harsh chemicals or abrasives, making it safe for modern bike finishes.
  6. Surface Compatibility: Tested and approved for use on various bike surfaces, including paint, chrome, trim, and vinyl decals.
  7. Cleaning Power: The detailer is effective in quickly and effortlessly removing smears, smudges, fingerprints, and light dust.
  8. Pleasant Scent: It features a watermelon scent that adds a pleasing aroma during application.

Directions for Use:

  1. Preparation: Begin by performing a regular wash to remove dirt and grime from the bike's surfaces.
  2. Application: Work on one panel at a time. Spray the Ceramic Detailer directly onto the panel you're working on.
  3. Buffing: Using a clean and soft microfiber cloth, buff the sprayed area to achieve a high gloss finish. The microfiber cloth should help remove any remaining residue while enhancing the shine.
  4. Repeat: Continue this process, panel by panel, until you've treated all desired areas of the bike.

Ceramic Bike Detailer is a convenient solution for maintaining your bike's appearance and protecting its surfaces. Following the provided directions will likely help you achieve the best results and keep your bike looking clean and glossy. Remember that using a quality microfiber cloth and avoiding excessive pressure during buffing will help prevent any potential micro-scratches.

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