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Alien Magic

Alien Magic | Boss The Gloss King 550ml

Alien Magic | Boss The Gloss King 550ml

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Boss - The Gloss King by Alien Magic is an enhanced spray wax product designed to provide extended protection and a high-gloss finish for your vehicle. Here's a breakdown of its key features and the provided directions for use:

Key Features:

  1. Enhanced Formula: The Boss - The Gloss King is an improved version of the market spray wax Argon, boosted with higher levels of Silica & Carnauba content.
  2. Long-Lasting Protection: This spray wax offers protection that can last up to 12 weeks, helping to maintain the vehicle's appearance over an extended period.
  3. Unique Packaging: The product is presented in a custom fluorescent vinyl that will glow in the dark, adding a distinctive touch to its packaging.

Directions for Use:

  1. Preparation: Ensure the surface to be treated is clean and free from loose dirt and debris.
  2. Application: Mist spray The Boss onto a folded microfiber cloth and onto the surface area you wish to treat.
  3. Spreading: Gently spread the product onto the surface using a pre-wetted folded professional microfiber cloth. This step ensures even coverage.
  4. Buffing: Using a second clean folded microfiber cloth, quickly buff off the remaining residue. This process should be done promptly to ensure a deep gloss and wax-protected shine.
  5. Completion: After buffing, you should see the deep gloss and protection provided by the product.

By following these directions, you can effectively apply Boss - The Gloss King to your vehicle's surfaces, providing them with enhanced protection and a shiny appearance. The unique packaging and the incorporation of advanced ingredients make this spray wax a convenient way to maintain your vehicle's appearance and protective qualities.

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