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Alien Magic

Alien Magic | Clay Bar Kit

Alien Magic | Clay Bar Kit

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Alien Magic presents their cutting-edge Detailing Clay Bars — a revolutionary solution designed for the profound cleansing and priming of automotive paint surfaces prior to applying wax and sealants. Imbued with TITANIUM compounds, these clay bars exhibit the exceptional capability to extract impurities from a wide range of painted and glass surfaces.

These advanced detailing clay bars adeptly eliminate the likes of bugs, tar, road grime, brake dust, oxidation, superficial rust, paint overspray, and more. Enriched with their breakthrough non-abrasive TITANIUM putty, these bars efficiently and securely disengage all manner of surface contaminants when employed alongside the Alien Magic Nuru clay lube. The Heavy Grade NANO Clay Bar, slightly more assertive than its medium counterpart, strikes the perfect balance—powerful enough to eliminate impurities, yet gentle enough to preserve the integrity of your paintwork, leaving it as polished and smooth as glass.

Key Advantages:

  • Profoundly cleanses, purging impurities from painted and glass surfaces.
  • Eradicates a diverse array of surface contaminants.
  • Harnesses Titanium compounds to address even minor blemishes.

Car Care Guidance:

The term "clay barring" pertains to the meticulous process of purifying exterior smooth surfaces—such as vehicle paint, glass, or Perspex—by utilizing a specially formulated "clay putty." This putty is lubricated with a wetting agent comprising lubricants, commonly referred to as clay lube. Minute particulates such as iron fragments, rail dust, water spots, and paint overspray embed themselves into the surface, resisting removal through conventional washing methods. Clay barring emerges as the preeminent technique for extracting these impurities without resorting to more abrasive polishing techniques.

Directions for Use:

  1. Thoroughly cleanse the surface with shampoo.
  2. Mold the clay into a comfortable, flat shape for gripping.
  3. Moisten both the target surface and the clay using Nuru Super Smooth Clay Lube.
  4. Gently glide the clay across the surface until smoothness is achieved.
  5. Maintain continuous surface wetness.
  6. Clear residue from the clay and fold to reveal a fresh area.

Redefine your car care routine with Alien Magic Detailing Clay Bars—where innovation, efficacy, and protection unite to bring out the true brilliance of your vehicle's exterior.

Tailor-made to harmonize with the Alien Magic Nano Clay Bar, this specialized clay lube stands ready to enhance your detailing regimen. However, its compatibility extends beyond, embracing any clay bar with seamless ease. By diminishing surface tension and fostering frictionless movement, it becomes a guardian against paintwork imperfections, thwarting scratches and marring.

Effortless in its application, this versatile elixir demonstrates its prowess on painted surfaces, glass, and any smooth exteriors. Not merely limited to its role as a clay lube, it finds purpose as the perfect primer for polishing pads. Aiding products like Alien Magic Ultra or their latest 1-stage compound, it augments lubricity when necessary, culminating in spectacular outcomes.

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