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Alien Magic

Alien Magic | Crystal Hydrophobic Glass Cleaner

Alien Magic | Crystal Hydrophobic Glass Cleaner

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Alien Magic Crystal Hydrophobic Glass Cleaner is a cleaning product designed for glass surfaces that offers not only effective cleaning but also the added benefit of a rain-repelling coating. Here's more about its features and how to use it:

Key Benefits:

  • Effective Cleaning: The Hydrophobic Glass Cleaner is designed to cut through dirt and grime, leaving glass surfaces sparkling clean.

  • Protective Rain Repelling Coating: The cleaner also adds a protective rain-repelling coating to glass surfaces. This coating is said to last for up to 4 weeks and aids in repelling rain from the glass, enhancing visibility while driving.

  • Easy to Use Formula: The formula is designed for easy use. It's a spray-on and wipe-off formula that is intended to leave no streaks or marks on any glass surface.

  • Hydrophobic Barrier: The added hydrophobic layer helps water bead and roll off the glass surface, making it easier to see in rainy conditions.

Car Care Advice:

Alien Magic Crystal will provide good visibility while driving for safety on the road. It also provides versatile cleaning for various hard surfaces, offering both cleanliness and clarity.

Direction For Use:

  1. Apply the Hydrophobic Glass Cleaner directly to the surface you intend to clean.

  2. Using a circular motion and a clean, lint-free microfiber cloth, work the formula into the surface.

  3. For small areas, you can spray the formula directly onto a cloth and then wipe the surface.

Alien Magic Crystal Hydrophobic Glass Cleaner is designed to provide thorough cleaning for glass surfaces while also enhancing visibility by creating a hydrophobic barrier that helps repel rainwater. It is versatile and effective on various types of glass, including mirrors, plastic, and even LCD and TFT screens. Following the provided usage instructions will help achieve streak-free and clean glass surfaces with the added benefit of rain-repelling properties.

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