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Alien Magic

Alien Magic | Emperor Light Cut Polish

Alien Magic | Emperor Light Cut Polish

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Emperor Light Cut

Emperor Light Cut III is a super fine paint correction compound with a unique blend of abrasives. Thanks to diminishing abrasive technology it will remove fine scratches, holograms, and marring with ease. Ideal as a one step finishing compound for fast and complete paint restoration on all paint finishes.

  • Minimal Dust
  • Bodyshop Safe
  • Silicone and Wax FREE
  • Filler FREE

Our simplified colour coded pads make the paint correction stage nice and simple ensuring the right product is used at the right stage of any paint enhancement.

  • Grey – Heavy
  • Green – Medium
  • Yellow – Light
  • White – Finishing ( Jeweling )

Directions for use:

Ensure the surface is clean and dry to the touch. Using a DA or rotary polisher, apply 3-4 pea-sized drops to the pad. Place the pad against the paintwork and start polishing on a slow speed to spread the product gradually increasing the speed to break down the abrasive particles Buff the remaining residue with a soft microfibre cloth.

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