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Alien Magic

Alien Magic | Evo Ceramic Shampoo

Alien Magic | Evo Ceramic Shampoo

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Alien Magic Evo Ceramic Shampoo utilises the most advanced ceramic technology to achieve extraordinary levels of lubricity and foaming. This makes it highly effective at safely removing dirt and grime from all surfaces, while also adding a glossy layer of protection. Use as a stand-alone product or to top up already sealed, waxed or coated vehicles. Benefits: Highly Water Repellent, Gloss Enhancing, Suitable on Paint, Glass, Wheels, PPF and Wraps, High Foaming, Highly Slick and Ph Neutral Berry Blast Fragrance. Directions: Shake well, pre-wash, add 50-75ml shampoo to 10L of water, start at the top of vehicle and work downwards, rinse thoroughly, do not allow to dry.
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