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Alien Magic

Alien Magic | Glass Graphene Coating 15ml

Alien Magic | Glass Graphene Coating 15ml

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Alien Magic GLASS Graphene Ceramic Coating is designed to be the leading chemical/scratch resistant coating available. Its molecular bonding to the auto glass protects against dirt, grime and other environmental conditions, boasting high UV/chemical resistance with ease of application/removal. Benefits include nano-particles that bond/activate, a super hydrophobic barrier to liquids, scratch-filling, improved visibility in weather, and reduced need for windshield wipers.

Apply in shade away from sunlight, let cure for 45-60 seconds, and buff off any excess residue with a microfibre cloth until 100% clarity. Cure time is 15min and one box of 15ml will cover all Windows (2 coats). Storage in a dark, cool and dry area recommended.

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