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Alien Magic

Alien Magic | Ice Ph Neutral Snow Foam

Alien Magic | Ice Ph Neutral Snow Foam

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Alien Magic ICE is a distinctive no-touch snow foam enriched with hyper surfactants and premium super polymers. This remarkable product generates abundant, dense snow foam using a snow foam lance or gun. The initial liquid consistency appears semi-thick, but upon mixing with water and dispensed through a cannon or gun, its concentrated formula creates ultra-thick foam that blankets the vehicle like a soft white cloud. This foam effectively encapsulates and guides away dirt, salt, road debris, and contaminants while providing a lubricating layer, ensuring a safe and scratch-free wash.

One of ICE's outstanding features is its ability to defy gravity, clinging to the vehicle's surface to securely capture contaminants and then gently carry them away, all without causing harm to the paintwork.

Achieving a rich and stable snow foam is achieved with an astonishingly high dilution rate. ICE's formula is also environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and leaves no residue after rinsing. It efficiently removes traffic film, dirt, road debris, and salt.

Key Advantages:

  • PH-neutral formulation, safe for wax and sealant coatings.
  • Exceptional consistency that encapsulates and guides dirt away from the paintwork.
  • Creates thick, enduring foam that completely envelops the vehicle.
  • Extraordinary dilution ratio for cost-effective use.
  • Completely biodegradable.

Car Care Recommendations: Pre-wash products like Alien Magic ICE offer a no-touch solution that eliminates a substantial amount of dirt, traffic film, salt, road debris, and contaminants before using traditional car shampoo. This step significantly lowers the risk of causing scratches or damage to the paint.

Instructions for Usage:

  1. Thoroughly rinse the vehicle with a powerful stream of water or high-pressure.
  2. Dilute ICE using a snow foam lance or gun at a ratio of 1 part ICE to 10 parts water (e.g., 100ml ICE with 900ml water).
  3. Apply the diluted ICE to the vehicle's surface, ensuring comprehensive coverage with the thick foam.
  4. Allow the foam to dwell on the surface briefly, encapsulating contaminants.
  5. Rinse the vehicle meticulously to remove all traces of the product, confirming its complete removal.

For the best outcomes and proper application, always refer to the instructions provided on the product label.

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