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Alien Magic

Alien Magic | Insane Gloss Rinse Aid

Alien Magic | Insane Gloss Rinse Aid

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Alien Magic Insane Gloss Rinse Aid achieves exceptional outcomes through its straightforward spray-on and rinse-off procedure. This ground-breaking spray sealant, ready for immediate use, employs cutting-edge Nano Technology to provide instant, enduring protection within minutes. With hydrophobic and self-cleaning properties, Rinse Aid ensures rapid drying while delivering a profoundly radiant finish not just to the paintwork but also extending hydrophobic shielding to trim, wheels, and glass for up to 8 weeks.

Instructions for Application:

  • The product is pre-mixed and ready for use straight from the bottle.
  • Prior to usage, ensure a thorough shaking of the product.
  • Clean your vehicle as you normally would.
  • Apply the spray exclusively onto a wet surface and a cool panel.
  • Avoid application under direct sunlight.
  • On warm or hot days, if you choose to use Rinse Aid, it's advisable to work in sections (one panel at a time).
  • Rinse the product off with a robust stream of water; there's no need to let the product sit – its immediate reaction takes place upon contact with water.
  • To complete the process, gently dry the vehicle using a soft drying towel.

Limited Edition Information:

  • Available in a limited quantity of 500 bottles, while supplies last.
  • Each bottle contains 500ml of the product.

For optimal results and proper utilization, adhere to the guidelines provided on the product label.

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