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Alien Magic

Alien Magic | Inspired By Lost Cherry Luxury Air Freshener

Alien Magic | Inspired By Lost Cherry Luxury Air Freshener

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Introducing Alien Magic N – a luxurious air freshener inspired by the captivating aroma of Lost Cherry. Crafted as a dry formulation, this exceptional product not only rejuvenates any space it touches, but also serves as a versatile freshener for cars, clothing, footwear, homes, offices, carpets, and sofas. Imbued with an enchanting scent, featuring captivating notes of dark cherry, almond, and jasmine, our air freshener envelops your surroundings in an exquisite olfactory journey.

Key Features:

  • Drawing inspiration from the alluring scent of Lost Cherry, characterized by dark cherry, almond, and jasmine notes.
  • Harnesses the power of Advanced Aerosol Technology for heightened efficacy.
  • Committed to environmental consciousness with its CFC Free Aerosol composition.
  • Proficiently eliminates odors while infusing the air with a refreshing allure.
  • The dry formulation offers flexibility and ease of use.
  • Demonstrates exceptional efficiency.
  • Leaves a lasting impression with its enduring fragrance.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Prior to application, ensure a thorough shaking of the product.
  2. Dispense the air freshener with one or two brief bursts.
  3. Allow the treated area to sit undisturbed for a brief period, enabling the perfume to disperse and create a harmonious ambiance.

Important Note:

Please take note that the fan-shaped over caps are intended solely for the protection of the product during transportation. Kindly remember to remove and dispose of these caps upon receiving the product, ensuring the most optimal user experience.

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