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Alien Magic

Alien Magic | Lucky Tyre Gel

Alien Magic | Lucky Tyre Gel

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Deciding Between Satin or Glossy Wet Shine? Let Alien Magic Lucky Tyre Gel Be Your Guide

The choice between a satin or glossy wet shine for your tyres often comes down to personal preference. However, if your quest is to give your tires an extraordinary wet glossy shine that makes them stand out, then Alien Magic Lucky Tyre Gel is your ultimate companion – your gateway to shimmering brilliance.

Alien Magic Lucky Tyre Gel has earned its place as a cherished favourite among both professionals and enthusiasts. It's the go-to solution for those seeking a remarkable value with a short to medium term finish that's easy to apply and goes beyond mere appearance to condition rubber, preventing unsightly cracking and discoloration. Our meticulously crafted formulation contains premium ingredients designed to halt the browning of tires and banish the nuisance of unsightly sling, drips, and streaks.

Alien Magic Lucky effortlessly checks all the boxes, whether you're aiming for super glossy or matte finish tires, and you can rest easy knowing that sling is no longer a concern.

Unlock the Benefits of Alien Magic Lucky Tyre Gel:

  • Satin Finish in One: A single application delivers a sleek satin finish that's sure to impress.

  • Glossy Wet Shine with Two: Apply a second coat for a stunning glossy wet shine that takes tire aesthetics to new heights.

  • No Sling, No Worries: Our formula is engineered to stay put, ensuring it won't sling or run off onto your vehicle's surface.

  • Conditioning Extraordinaire: Lucky isn't just about appearance; it also cares for your tire sidewalls, preventing cracking and discoloration.

Car Care Wisdom:

Your tyres make a statement about your car's care and its allure. A well-dressed tyre communicates that your vehicle is meticulously maintained and a sight to behold. That's why using a premium product for tire dressing is crucial. Lucky Tyre Gel by Alien Magic is the answer – offering both dazzling shine and protective prowess.

Directions for Usage:

  1. Begin by ensuring your tyres are impeccably clean and dry.

  2. Give the bottle a good shake before use. Then, apply Lucky Tyre Gel using a Tyre Shine Brush or Foam Applicator.

  3. Work the gel into the tyre's surface, ensuring complete coverage.

  4. Allow the gel to air dry naturally for approximately 20 minutes before driving. This eliminates the risk of unsightly sling.

  5. For a satisfying satin finish, gently remove excess dressing after 20 minutes using a clean, lint-free cloth. For an intensified high-gloss finish, simply apply an additional layer.

When it comes to enhancing your tyres' allure, Lucky Tyre Gel by Alien Magic is the choice that delivers unmatched shine and protection.

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