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Alien Magic

Alien Magic | Mystique 4 in 1 Waterless Wash 550ml

Alien Magic | Mystique 4 in 1 Waterless Wash 550ml

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When access to running water is limited or unavailable in your area, cleaning your vehicle can become a challenging task. Whether you live in a building without an outside tap close to your car or simply prefer a more environmentally friendly method, waterless wash is the ideal solution. With Mystique, the ultimate exterior cleaning and detailing solution, you can achieve a clean, refreshed, shiny, and protected vehicle in one simple process. Unlike harsh chemicals and abrasives that can harm your paintwork and trim, Alien Magic Mystique's unique formula uses a specialised blend of surfactants, polymers, Carnauba, and Nano technology waxes to effectively remove and encapsulate dirt and grime from all exterior surfaces. The result is a stunning showroom-worthy finish with added UV protection to repel water and prevent dirt build-up for easy, repeat cleaning.


Choose from a variety of options for the 550ml Aluminium Bottle (Bubblegum), including, Cherry, Vanilla, and Summer Berries fragrances. Simply dilute 100ml of the refill product with 450ml of water in the Bottle for life to create 550ml of ready-to-use solution. The refills are convenient and easy to use.


Unique formula designed to eliminate the issue of limited water access by effortlessly cleaning, refreshing, shining and protecting all vehicle surfaces and colours. Featuring hydrophobic properties and a deep, wet-look gloss shine, this environmentally friendly product prevents swirls and scratches by suspending contaminants away from the surface. To use, first shake the bottle well, then mist onto a folded high-quality microfibre cloth and gently wipe in straight lines. Next, buff with a fresh cloth to reveal a deep gloss shine, using a new cloth for each section until the entire vehicle is cleaned. Ensure an adequate supply of cloths to prevent swirls, and for the best results, apply in the shade away from direct sunlight or on a wet or dry surface. Avoid use on heavily soiled surfaces.


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