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Alien Magic

Alien Magic | Noodle Wash Mitt

Alien Magic | Noodle Wash Mitt

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Crafted with care, Alien Magic presents the Noodle Wash Mitt—an exquisite creation designed to elevate your cleaning experience. Conjured from long, luxuriously plush fibres, this mitt delivers unrivaled cleansing prowess, even on the most delicate of surfaces.

The extended double-sided microfiber noodles gracefully traverse paintwork, ensuring a seamless glide. Notably, these noodles boast a remarkable talent—they adeptly confine lifted debris, keeping it separate from sensitive paint and trims.

A touch of sophistication accompanies the mitt's practicality. The elasticated cuff, tender to the touch, showcases the embroidered Alien Magic logo, embodying a harmonious blend of comfort and style.

Dimensions: 23cm x 22cm.

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