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Alien Magic

Alien Magic | Nuru Clay Lube & Pad Primer 500ml

Alien Magic | Nuru Clay Lube & Pad Primer 500ml

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Tailor-made to harmonize with the Alien Magic Nano Clay Bar, this specialised clay lube stands ready to enhance your detailing regimen. However, its compatibility extends beyond, embracing any clay bar with seamless ease. By diminishing surface tension and fostering frictionless movement, it becomes a guardian against paintwork imperfections, thwarting scratches and marring.

Effortless in its application, this versatile elixir demonstrates its prowess on painted surfaces, glass, and any smooth exteriors. Not merely limited to its role as a clay lube, it finds purpose as the perfect primer for polishing pads. Aiding products like Alien Magic Ultra or their latest 1-stage compound, it augments lubricity when necessary, culminating in spectacular outcomes.

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