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Alien Magic

Alien Magic | Onyx Sprayable Ceramic Coating 50ml

Alien Magic | Onyx Sprayable Ceramic Coating 50ml

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Alien Magic ONYX Sprayable Ceramic Coating is a beginner-friendly, easy-to-use ceramic coating, designed to provide unparalleled protection and shine. Its advanced formula allows ONYX to bond with your car's paintwork and wheels at a molecular level, forming a durable barrier against harsh road conditions. Bid farewell to dirt and grime, and welcome a brilliant, glossy finish that captures attention.

Why Opt for ONYX Sprayable Ceramic Coating?
- Simple Application: Our user-friendly formula ensures an easy application process; just spray on and wipe off.
- Exceptional Shine: Deepen your car’s colour with a reflective, mirror-like shine.
- Superior Protection: Its super hydrophobic properties repel water and pollutants, keeping your car clean for extended periods.
- Convenient Maintenance: Regular cleaning becomes faster and more efficient, saving you time and labour.
- Resistance to UV and Chemicals: Safeguard your car’s finish from damaging UV rays and chemicals.
- Multipurpose: Ideal for use on paint, lights, plastic trim, and carbon fibre.
- Quick Drying: Sets in just 1 hour and fully hardens in 12 hours.
- Enhanced Durability: A second layer extends protection for up to 24 months.
- Cost-Effective: A 50ml bottle can cover 2-3 cars with a single coat.
- Compatible with Existing Coatings: Boost or renew your existing ceramic coating.

Technical Specifications:
- Hardness: 9H rating for maximum scratch resistance.
- Chemical Resistance: Effective across pH levels from 3 to 12.
- Water Contact Angle: 110 degrees for excellent water beading.
- Thickness: 2 microns, providing a robust protective layer.
- Longevity: Offers 12 months of protection, extendable to 24 months with an additional coat.

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