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Alien Magic

Alien Magic | PiNK Coloured Snow Foam

Alien Magic | PiNK Coloured Snow Foam

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Pink Coloured Snow Foam


PiNK Coloured Snow Foam features a unique no-touch formula, including hyper surfactants and premium super polymers. With a snow foam lance or gun, it creates an abundance of thick pink foam that effectively removes dirt, salt, road debris and fresh contaminants. The highly concentrated formula lubricates the surface, guiding impurities safely off for a scratch-free wash.

PiNK defies gravity, lingering on the vehicle without running off quickly. It expertly holds onto contaminants, safely removing them from the paintwork without causing any damage. This unique snow foam provides a high concentration and is environmentally safe, leaving no residue after rinsing. With a pH-neutral formula, it is compatible with wax and sealants. Its thick and stable foam effectively encapsulates dirt and guides it away from the paintwork. Experience an unbelievable dilution rate and a fully biodegradable formula, all with a pleasant Pink Candy scent.

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