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Alien Magic

Alien Magic | PRO 1 Ultra Glass Sealant

Alien Magic | PRO 1 Ultra Glass Sealant

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Alien Magic PRO 1 Ultra Glass Sealant is an extraordinary glass sealant that stands as one of the most cutting-edge formulations in its category on the current market. Its foundation lies in Ceramic Nano-Particles, which form a powerful bond upon contact with glass molecules. This unique fusion activates to construct a robust hydrophobic barrier layer while adeptly filling minor scratches on all automotive glass surfaces.

Alien Magic PRO 1 |Ultra Glass Sealant takes dynamic action against water, enhancing visibility during rainy, snowy, or sleety conditions. When driving at speeds of 30mph and beyond, the airflow over the car expedites the removal of raindrops and road spray, carrying away fresh dirt and grime. This ingenious mechanism imparts a partial self-cleaning attribute to the coating.

The endurance of PRO 1 is truly remarkable – a single application extends protection for 6-9 months, contingent upon usage and weather elements. For optimal results, we highly recommend a second coat during the initial application to ensure maximal safeguarding and resilience.

Incredibly efficient, a 50ml bottle treats all windows for up to 24 months, with multiple applications requiring merely 3-4 drops per window.

Primary Advantages:

  1. Infused with Ceramic Nano-Particles that foster bonding and activation upon glass contact.
  2. Creates a potent hydrophobic barrier, repelling liquids effectively.
  3. Skillfully addresses hairline scratches, restoring surface integrity.
  4. Greatly enhances visibility amidst rain, snow, and sleet.
  5. Less reliance on windscreen wipers once our product is applied.
  6. Exceptional durability spanning 6-9 months.

Car Care Wisdom:

Glass sealants like PRO 1 offer essential clarity across diverse weather scenarios, notably reducing the need for frequent windscreen wiper use. Its capacity to mend minor scratches serves as a valuable bonus, while the self-cleaning feature expels contaminants through airflow at speeds exceeding 30MPH.

Usage Guidelines:

  1. Ensure a dry environment, shielded from direct sunlight, for PRO 1 application.
  2. Thoroughly clean the glass before application.
  3. Apply 3-4 drops onto a microfiber applicator, utilizing circular overlapping motions.
  4. Polish away any remaining residue with a clean microfiber cloth until absolute clarity is achieved.
  5. PRO 1 achieves complete curing within 15 minutes, allowing for a second application.
  6. After the second application, permit 3 hours for full property attainment.
  7. Also, apply Wiper Blades for comprehensive care.
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