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Alien Magic

Alien Magic | Pure Magic Citrus Pre-Wash & Grime Remover

Alien Magic | Pure Magic Citrus Pre-Wash & Grime Remover

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Pure Magic

Alien Magic Pure Magic introduces a groundbreaking, highly concentrated pre-wash vehicle cleaner that performs with unparalleled efficiency, effortlessly eliminating stubborn traffic film while maintaining the integrity of your vehicle's surfaces.

This innovative solution is designed for use before shampooing or applying Snow Foam, effectively eradicating dirt such as grit, muck, insects, and bird lime. Its application is safe across various surfaces, including paintwork, glass, plastics, and more.

Primary Advantages:

  • An exceedingly concentrated yet gentle formula, primed for use before snow foam or shampooing.
  • Swiftly and effortlessly eliminates stubborn traffic film.
  • Applicable on paintwork, glass, plastics, and a range of other surfaces.
  • Water-based composition for eco-friendly usage.

Car Care Wisdom:

In your car wash regimen, pre-wash products play a pivotal role, but what sets Alien Magic Pure Magic apart is its ability to remove tenacious traffic film while keeping your wax and sealants intact. It also proves remarkable on vehicle door frames and sills.

Usage Guidelines:

  1. Commence by rinsing the vehicle to dislodge any loose debris.
  2. Directly apply Pure Magic onto the surface and allow it to dwell for 3 minutes.
  3. Thoroughly rinse using a pressure washer, ensuring no residue remains.
  4. Note: Avoid using in direct sunlight.
  5. While it's safe to use out of the bottle, you can also dilute it with up to 1 part of the product and 20 parts of water for more economical use.
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