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Alien Magic

Alien Magic | Purple Haze Coloured Snow Foam

Alien Magic | Purple Haze Coloured Snow Foam

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Purple Haze

Alien Magic Purple Haze – a snow foam like no other, enriched with an array of ingredients including hyper surfactants and premium super polymers.

The art of generating copious amounts of thick, purple foam is a hallmark of snow foams, and Purple Haze raises the bar by producing this lavish foam extravaganza through snow foam lances or guns. Initially, its liquid state in the bottle hints at its semi-thick consistency. Yet, when it encounters water and is dispensed through a cannon or gun, its highly concentrated formula transforms into an ultra-thick foam that envelops your vehicle like a soft, white cloud. Within this fluffy embrace, dirt, salt, road debris, and other fresh contaminants are captured, lubricating the surface and gently guiding them away for a pristine, scratch-free wash.

Defying gravity, Alien Magic Purple Haze defies quick runoff, seizing its time on the vehicle. It clings to the surface, steadfastly gripping contaminants, and escorts them away from the paintwork without a trace of harm.

This remarkable formula excels in producing a rich, consistent foam at an astonishing dilution rate. Biodegradable and residue-free, Purple Haze performs a thorough clean up, banishing traffic film, dirt, road debris, and salt effectively.

Primary Advantages:

  1. pH neutral composition – friendly to wax and sealants.
  2. Unique consistency expertly encapsulates and directs dirt away from your paintwork.
  3. Unveils a luxurious, thick foam that blankets the entire vehicle.
  4. Astounding dilution ratio for maximum value.
  5. Fully biodegradable, aligning with eco-conscious practices.

Car Care Wisdom:

Pre-wash products play a pivotal role in the no-touch cleaning process, efficiently eliminating a substantial portion of dirt, traffic film, salt, road debris, and unyielding contaminants that often linger after a mere rinse. By incorporating pre-wash before the conventional car shampoo stage, you significantly reduce the potential for paintwork scratches or marring.

Usage Guidelines:

  1. Begin by rinsing the vehicle using a robust stream of water or a high-pressure system.
  2. Dilute Purple Haze in a snow foam lance or gun at a ratio of 1:10 (100ml product – 900ml water).
  3. Rinse the vehicle meticulously to ensure complete product removal.
  4. As always, adhere to the instructions on the label for optimal results.
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