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Alien Magic

Alien Magic | Slimline Wash Mitt

Alien Magic | Slimline Wash Mitt

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Alien Magic Slimline Wash mitt is crafted from ultra-fine and densely woven fibres, providing exceptional cleaning capabilities even on the most delicate surfaces. What sets this wash mitt apart is the absence of a sponge core, granting you the confidence and complete control to clean intricate and tight areas effortlessly. These areas may include car grilles, mirrors, exhausts, and alloy surfaces, as well as bicycle and motorcycle parts.

The added tactile sensation and control, coupled with the high-quality fibres, enable you to carefully regulate the pressure applied to delicate trim components. Additionally, the slim profile allows you to access challenging-to-reach spots like grille slats without the worry of causing damage.

This top-notch microfibre wash mitt comes equipped with a soft and comfortable elasticated cuff, adorned with the embroidered Alien Magic logo, adding a final touch of quality to the product.

Size: 22cm x 19cm

Wash Mitt Care Instructions: How to Clean: After each use, rinse out any remaining shampoo suds from the wash mitt. Machine wash it at 30 degrees Celsius and allow it to dry naturally or tumble dry on a low temperature.

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