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Alien Magic

Alien Magic | Top Coat Pro Ceramic Spray Sealant 250ml

Alien Magic | Top Coat Pro Ceramic Spray Sealant 250ml

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Alien Magic has crafted a specially formulated Nano-ceramic compound that bonds to automotive paint molecules, intensifying their colour depth, filling in any hairline scratches and providing robust water-repellency. A complex molecular arrangement of Nano-Ceramic particles penetrates into the clear coat and paint, augmenting colour vibrancy. Unlike a glaze, Top Coat Pro utilizes ceramic particles to both fill and bond for a lasting solution to clear coat damage. A strongly hydrophobic barrier ensures uniform beading and a slick surface repelling dirt, salt, road particles and fresh contaminants, making vehicle washing effortless. A single application grants 6-9 months of protection (depending on conditions), and Top Coat Pro's 250ML bottle can provide up to 24 months of coverage if applied two or three times. Benefits: Enhances colour, bonds to paint, hydrophobic barrier, fill scratches, easy car washing, solid durability, cost-effective. Application: Surface must be clean, free of contaminants.


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