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Angelwax | Bilberry Wheel Cleaner (Concentrate) 1 Litre

Angelwax | Bilberry Wheel Cleaner (Concentrate) 1 Litre

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Angelwax BILBERRY, THE ORIGINAL FORMULA WHEEL CLEANER, meticulously crafted for the safe and effective cleaning of various wheel surfaces.

This unique, pleasantly scented, non-acidic formula is designed to work swiftly and safely, eradicating brake dust, traffic film, and other contaminants without resorting to harsh acids that can potentially harm and discolour lacquered and painted wheel coatings.

Angelwax BILBERRY is also gentle enough for use on plastic centre caps.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Dilute Angelwax BILBERRY as follows in a suitable mixing bottle.

    • Heavy contamination: 1 part BILBERRY to 2 parts water
    • Light contamination: 1 part BILBERRY to 10 parts water
  2. Begin by rinsing the wheel thoroughly with a hose or pressure washer to eliminate loose dirt and cool the wheel surface.

  3. Work on one wheel at a time, applying Angelwax BILBERRY to the wheel's surface. Use an alloy wheel brush to agitate the product.

  4. Rinse the wheel thoroughly before moving on to the next one.

Pro Tip: For the ultimate alloy wheel protection and a professional finish, consider applying Angelwax BILBERRY WHEEL WAX.

Please exercise caution:

  • Never apply to hot wheel surfaces.
  • Prevent Angelwax BILBERRY from drying on the wheel surface.
  • Always conduct a small test on a polished or chrome wheel area before full use.

Note: Angelwax WHEEL CLEANER is not suitable for chromed or polished wheels.



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