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Angelwax | Dreamcoat SiO2 Coating 500ml

Angelwax | Dreamcoat SiO2 Coating 500ml

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Angelwax DREAMCOAT is a brilliantly straightforward SiO₂ coating in a spray-on, rinse-off formula that transforms your vehicle in minutes. It instantly delivers a stunning gloss while creating an exceptionally robust protective layer across your vehicle's surfaces. This unique and user-friendly formulation takes hydrophobicity to the extreme, providing chemical resistance for various vehicle materials, including metal, glass, plastic, rubber, and vinyl.

Angelwax DREAMCOAT's self-cleaning properties actively deter contaminants from adhering to treated surfaces, ensuring your vehicle remains cleaner for an extended period, with durability extending beyond 3 months.



  • Avoid applying DREAMCOAT on warm panels or when the air temperature exceeds 20°C.
  • Prevent DREAMCOAT from dwelling or drying on the surface.

Applying DREAMCOAT in high temperatures may lead to rapid flashing, potentially causing surface staining.


  1. Thoroughly wash and rinse the vehicle.

  2. Ensure the vehicle's exterior is entirely free from contaminants and that the surface is both wet and cool to the touch.

  3. Using the provided trigger sprayer, apply DREAMCOAT to one panel at a time, and immediately rinse off.

Note: DO NOT coat the entire vehicle at once; instead, focus on one panel before rinsing.

Application through the BLIZZARD foaming lance:

DREAMCOAT can also be applied using the BLIZZARD foaming lance system. Follow the dilution guide below:

  • Pour 30ml of DREAMCOAT into the lance bottle, followed by 500ml of water. Mix thoroughly.

  • Cover the entire vehicle with the pre-mixed solution and rinse thoroughly.

  • Towel dry and buff to achieve a flawless finish. Experience the ease and excellence of DREAMCOAT, your gateway to an impeccable vehicle finish.

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