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Angelwax | Essentials Wheel & Tyre Samples Kit

Angelwax | Essentials Wheel & Tyre Samples Kit

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Revolutionise your wheel and tyre maintenance routine with the Angelwax Essentials Wheel & Tyre Sample Kit. This expertly designed package contains top-quality care formulas for your wheels and tyres, guaranteeing a dazzling shine and luxurious finish. Perfect for gifting, the Angelwax Essentials Kit offers an opportunity to try out the variety of premium products that Angelwax is known for.


 The Angelwax Essentials Wheel & Tyre Samples Kit includes:

1 x Bilberry RTU 100ml, a powerful wheel cleaner that effectively removes brake dust and road grime, leaving your wheels clean and rejuvenated.

1 x Enigma Elixir 100ml, an innovative ceramic tyre dressing that not only provides a glossy finish, but also offers long-lasting protection against the elements.

1 x Bilberry Wheel Wax 30ml, a premium wheel sealant that repels contaminants and leaves a stunning high-gloss finish.

1x Wax Applicator and 1x Tyre Dressing Applicator for precise and effortless application of the products. Elevate your wheel care routine with our advanced samples kit and achieve professional results.


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