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Angelwax | Exodus 2 Year Si02 Glass Coating 50ml

Angelwax | Exodus 2 Year Si02 Glass Coating 50ml

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Angelwax EXODUS is a professional-grade coating that chemically bonds to glass, offering up to 2 years of durability with a single application. The coating creates a smooth, optically flat surface that is not visible to the naked eye, reducing the appearance of any imperfections on the glass. Additionally, water will bead off the glass after application, making it easier to clean and improving visibility while driving in wet conditions. Despite the added benefits, the performance of windscreen wipers and the ease of removing ice, insects, and bird lime are not affected. This makes driving in wet road conditions safer and reduces eye strain, especially at night.


When applying EXODUS to the front windscreen, lift the wipers and clean the glass with VISION or STRIPPED-EASE to remove any debris. Attach the suede cloth to the applicator pad, making sure it fits snugly into the grooves. Apply EXODUS liberally onto the cloth, but ensure the glass is cool and not in direct sunlight. For windscreens, start at the bottom and work your way up evenly, overlapping each application. For side windows, apply from right to left, following the direction of travel and airflow. After applying, wait two minutes before removing residue with a dry microfibre cloth. Allow the coating to cure for 2 hours before driving and make sure the glass stays dry during the bonding process.

Label elements:

Hazard statements: H225: Highly flammable liquid and vapour.
H319: Causes serious eye irritation.
H336: May cause drowsiness or dizziness.

Hazard pictograms:
GHS02: Flame
GHS07: Exclamation mark

Precautionary statements:
P210: Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources. No smoking.
P241: Use explosion-proof equipment.

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