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Angelwax | Glide Decontamination Polisponge

Angelwax | Glide Decontamination Polisponge

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Angelwax GLIDE DECONTAMINATION POLISPONGE, a revolutionary advancement in clay bar technology.

Suitable for all types of paint, Angelwax GLIDE excels at removing tough substances like tar, tree sap, fallout, and contaminants from vehicle paintwork, glass, and wheels.

Unlike conventional clay bars, this decontamination polisponge is reusable multiple times. It's simple to clean during and after use, ensuring long-lasting performance.


  1. Begin by thoroughly washing and preparing the vehicle for treatment.
  2. Spray the chosen area with clay bar lubricant, creating an ideal surface for the polisponge to work on.
  3. Gently rub the polisponge on the affected area of the vehicle. Angelwax GLIDE effortlessly captures all contaminants from the treated area, leaving the surface smooth and perfectly primed for the next stage in your detailing process.
  4. With the Angelwax GLIDE decontamination polisponge, you can rinse off any contamination in clean water as you clay the vehicle.
  5. After use, ensure you thoroughly clean the polisponge with warm water and store it in its original packaging for future use.
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