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Angelwax | H2GO The Ultimate Rain Repellent 100ml

Angelwax | H2GO The Ultimate Rain Repellent 100ml

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Crafted and engineered to tackle the most relentless downpours the UK can muster, H2GO RAIN REPELLENT is meticulously designed to establish a hydrophobic shield on glass surfaces.

This shield effectively thwarts rain and unexpected water, ensuring windshields and windows stay clear, contributing to significantly safer driving in severe weather conditions.

Rain and any water that does manage to touch the glass surface will effortlessly form beads and roll away, even at speeds as low as 20mph, making it one of the top-performing rain repellents on the market today.

Angelwax H2GO has undergone rigorous testing in Angelwax's cutting-edge laboratory and has been scrutinised by the industry's most skilled detailers to guarantee that they have created yet another flawless product for your vehicle.

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