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Angelwax | Heaven for Leather Specialist Leather Cleanser 500ml

Angelwax | Heaven for Leather Specialist Leather Cleanser 500ml

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ANGELWAX HEAVEN FOR LEATHER represents a gentle, pH-balanced leather cleanser and conditioner that serves to nourish, shield, and rejuvenate leather upholstery.

The leather upholstery, subject to daily wear and tear, requires safeguarding, as neglect can quickly lead to a worn and tired appearance, with marks and stains diminishing its overall appeal.

Featuring a delightful leather fragrance, this naturally enriched formula is purposefully designed to effectively combat stains, leaving leather surfaces clean and supple, thereby restoring the aroma of your vehicle's interior.

ANGELWAX HEAVEN FOR LEATHER has undergone rigorous testing in their laboratory and received scrutiny from top-notch detailers in the industry to guarantee that they have once again developed an impeccable product for your vehicle.

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