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Angelwax | Hide Rate Humectant Leather Conditioner 250ml

Angelwax | Hide Rate Humectant Leather Conditioner 250ml

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Angelwax HIDE-RATE HUMECTANT LEATHER CONDITIONER is crafted to moisturize the leather within your vehicle.

The leather in your vehicle can lose its moisture due to the drying effects of sunlight and general wear and tear, resulting in a tired and faded appearance. Angelwax HIDE-RATE incorporates humectant properties that attract moisture from the air, drawing it into the leather's surface, ensuring it stays soft while preserving its natural look.

Infused with a rich leather scent and containing ingredients intended to revitalise leather, Angelwax HIDE-RATE aims to restore and rejuvenate, leaving the leather with a natural, soft, and supple feel and appearance.

Instructions: For optimal outcomes, thoroughly clean the leather with Angelwax HEAVEN FOR LEATHER to ensure that the surface is clean and properly prepared.

Spray Angelwax HIDE-RATE directly onto the leather and apply it with a microfibre cloth, making sure to cover the intended area before allowing the leather to air dry.

Pro Tip: When dealing with heavily soiled leather, employ a gentle detailing brush to eliminate surface contaminants.

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