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Angelwax | QED Quick Detailer 500ml

Angelwax | QED Quick Detailer 500ml

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Angelwax QED represents a rapid exterior detailing spray, serving as the ideal remedy when time is scarce, but the desire for a freshly waxed vehicle appearance remains. This makes it an excellent choice for daily use or as the ultimate companion for showcasing your vehicle.

This exclusive formula adds an extra layer of protection atop your existing wax coatings, further elevating your vehicle's overall appearance. Angelwax QED also excels as a post-wash solution, expertly designed to eliminate dust and water marks, leaving your vehicle's bodywork with a brilliant wet-look, high-gloss finish.

Just like all other Angelwax innovations, this quick detailer has undergone extensive testing in their laboratory and has been evaluated by the industry's top-detailing experts to ensure that they have once again crafted a flawless product for your vehicle.

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