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Angelwax | Superior Automotive Shampoo

Angelwax | Superior Automotive Shampoo

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Superior Shampoo

Angelwax SUPERIOR AUTOMOTIVE SHAMPOO has been meticulously crafted to be the purest shampoo available for your vehicle, crafted using only the highest-quality raw materials. This shampoo epitomises purity in every sense.

In a market where many so-called 'shampoos' resemble and function more like detergents, Angelwax SUPERIOR AUTOMOTIVE SHAMPOO stands apart. It's a thick, slow-pouring, highly concentrated shampoo designed specifically for vehicle bodywork, leaving your vehicle impeccably cleansed and streak-free.

A mere small quantity of Angelwax SUPERIOR AUTOMOTIVE SHAMPOO is needed to generate a lavish lather, making it the ultimate detailing shampoo due to its exceptional concentration.

With a neutral pH level of 7, SUPERIOR AUTOMOTIVE SHAMPOO is entirely compatible with wax coatings and remarkably gentle on both skin and all types of paintwork.

Like all Angelwax creations, SUPERIOR AUTOMOTIVE SHAMPOO has undergone extensive testing in their laboratory and has been evaluated by the industry's most esteemed detailers to ensure that we have once again engineered a stellar product for your vehicle.


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