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Autobead | Ceramic Infused AIO Polish 500ml

Autobead | Ceramic Infused AIO Polish 500ml

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This intensive polish from Autobead effectively corrects surfaces while providing a high gloss finish without any holograms. The infusion of nano ceramic coating provides durable protection for up to 3 months.


To ensure optimal results, please follow the steps outlined below to properly use this product. Prior to use, shake well. When ready to begin, use a rotary or dual action polishing machine. Apply the desired amount of polish onto your polishing pad. Starting with the machine turned off, evenly distribute the compound onto the panel. Once the machine is turned on, gently work the polish in a crosswise motion with medium pressure until a clear film appears on the paint surface. Any remaining traces of polish can be removed with a microfibre towel. To achieve a high gloss finish, buff the surface with the towel.

Pro tip: To extend the lifespan and maintain the effectiveness of your polishing pads, remember to regularly blow or brush them out while in use and allow for rest periods. Neglecting these care practices can result in costly replacements.


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