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AutoBead | Ceramic QD 500ml

AutoBead | Ceramic QD 500ml

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Elevate the protection of your vehicle and prolong the life of coatings, sealants, and waxes with Autoobead Ceramic quick detailing spray.

Crafted with a strategic blend of nano ceramic particles and reactive polysiloxanes, this product bestows an extra layer of ceramic protection to the surface, delivering durability for approximately 6 months. It serves as an ideal companion when used in tandem with our Ceramic coatings or robust detailing waxes, extending their lifespan and enhancing gloss.

Autobead Ceramic Quick Detailer fulfills its pledge by delivering unrivaled levels of gloss and exceptional hydrophobic properties. It proves versatile, suitable for a range of surfaces including paintwork, glass, plastics, wheels, and trims. You can apply it to dry surfaces or use it as a drying aid.

To achieve optimal results with this product, follow these steps:

  1. Mist the product onto a short-pile microfiber cloth and apply it to the chosen surface.

  2. Gently work in straight lines, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the entire panel.

  3. Utilizing a clean, dry microfibre towel, buff off the product to reveal a stunning, deep gloss finish.

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