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Autobead | Interior Detailer 500ml

Autobead | Interior Detailer 500ml

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Autobead Interior Detailer is a versatile solution suitable for all interior surfaces, including plastics, vinyl, metal, rubber, and leather.

This product offers the final, meticulous touch to your vehicle's interior while also safeguarding it from harmful UV rays. Its anti-static formula not only imparts a visually appealing satin, OEM finish but also possesses mild cleaning capabilities.

The delightful coconut scent adds a warm and pleasing aroma to your vehicle's interior, evoking the sensations of summer and happiness.

To make the most of this product, adhere to the steps below:

  1. Directly spray the product onto the surface or onto a short-pile microfibre towel.

  2. Using the microfibre, evenly distribute the product over the entire surface.

  3. Employ a clean and dry short-pile microfibre cloth to finish, revealing that desired OEM look.

Pro Tip:

When treating the dashboard, apply the product to the microfibre and then work it over the surface, ensuring no overspray onto the windscreen.

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