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Autobead | Polish 500ml

Autobead | Polish 500ml

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Autobead Polish is a  micro-abrasive cleansing polish that can be applied either manually or with a machine, impeccably prepping the vehicle's paintwork for the subsequent application of your chosen wax or sealant.

To effectively use the product, adhere to the steps below:

  1. Dispense several pea-sized drops of polish onto an application pad.

  2. Work the product in a circular motion on the vehicle's surface, or if preferred, use a machine.

  3. The self-degrading formula will gradually vanish while effectively cleansing the surface.

  4. Utilise a clean and dry microfibre towel to buff off the product, unveiling a revitalized and glossy finish.

Pro Tip:

For optimal results, consider clay-cleaning the vehicle's paintwork before using the polish, and follow up with Autobead Surface Prep after polishing and before applying your chosen sealant or wax.

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