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Autobead | Tyre Dressing 500ml

Autobead | Tyre Dressing 500ml

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Revitalise your tyres with Autobead Tyre Dressing to give them a rejuvenated, supple appearance while safeguarding them against UV rays and potential cracking.

This gel-based anti-sling sealant is enriched with premium silicone, specially crafted to dress and shield tyre rubber.

To apply the Tyre Dressing, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure the rubber surface is clean and devoid of any previous dressings before applying.

  2. Use a foam applicator to apply, ensuring that the tyre wall is covered but avoiding the tread.

  3. For a wetter, glossier look, you can apply a second layer.

  4. Wipe away any excess residue to achieve the desired finish.

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