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Autobrite Direct

Autobrite Direct | Decon Shampoo 500ml

Autobrite Direct | Decon Shampoo 500ml

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Autobrite Direct's Decon Shampoo has been expertly formulated to provide intense cleaning power by breaking down road grime and traffic films, while remaining gentle on the surface. With its pH-neutral formula, this shampoo rinses easily from the vehicle, leaving no residue or additional elements behind. By restoring the surface's repellency and self-cleaning properties, Decon Shampoo helps maintain existing protection. Its high lubrication and dilution ratio make it both effective and economical to use. Additionally, Decon Shampoo is environmentally friendly, with its dirt-busting surfactants made from naturally occurring organic ingredients that are biodegradable. Plus, its delightful pear drop fragrance and abundant suds and lubrication make it a pleasure to use. While not recommended for weekly washes, Decon Shampoo is perfect for infrequent deep cleans. It can be applied in various ways, including traditional bucket application (30ml-50ml for light/heavy soiling), foam lance application (10:1) and pump sprayer (50:1)
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